Mighty Vapors Salt 30ml クリアランス

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Mighty Vapors はベリーとチェリーなどのフレーバーの評価の高いブランドです。

Hulk Tears

Sour watermelon apple candy backed by fresh berries on the exhale is what makes Hulk Tears from Mighty vapors so loved and popular. The sour watermelon apple candy gives exquisite sweetness to your taste buds when you inhale and the fresh berries complements the sweetness on exhale. Try this flavor and you will find out why Hulk tears is as popular as people say it to be.

Frozen Hulk Tears

Frozen Hulk Tears by mighty vapors is classic Hulk Tears flavor with menthol twist to it. The sour watermelon apple candy flavor with the menthol gets you super chilled when you inhale and the fresh berries adds to the chillness on your exhale. A treat for all menthol lovers, frozen hulk tears is a must have e-juice for all vape lovers.

Mystery Pop

What’s in the box?! Its still mystery until you try it once.

Frozen Mystery Poo

What’s in the box?! Its still mystery until you try it once.

Majestic Mango

A sweet tasting mango reduced to its nectar to give you a satisfying vaping flavor, majestic mango from mighty vapors holds true to its name. This enjoyable fruity flavor will make you taste the sweetness of mango to its fullest.

Frozen Majestic Mango

Frozen Majestic Mango is an ultimate flavor of mango and menthol mixed together to create a masterpiece. Everyone loves mango and there is more of a reason now with the Mighty Vapors Frozen Majestic Mango. The e-juice is sweet enough to please you and chilled enough to cool you. A perfect mango ice flavor to give you a wonderful vaping pleasure. Try out this e-juice and get super chilled:)


Frozen Smash Berry flavored E-juice by Mighty Vapors is a deliciously icy sweet fruit flavor that everyone will love. A superb blend of red ripe strawberries, delectable raspberries and handpicked mixed berries combine with an icy cool menthol for a sensation your taste buds will treasure. Sweet berry candies and frosty mints pair up for a fantastic party in your mouth.

Smash berry E-juice is a spectacular new flavor by Mighty Vapors. Your taste buds will thoroughly enjoy an explosion of deliciously ripe strawberries infused with plump tart blueberries. Satisfy your nicotine and sweet tooth cravings all in one delectable drag of this serenely sweet mixed berry sensation. Smash berry is so smooth and clean, it is perfect for all day use.

Mighty Vapors has come out with a delicious new flavored E-juice called Super Mint. The name is everything it implies. Super cool refreshing hits of spearmint infused with smooth menthol will revive your taste buds anytime day or night. If you crave the icy coolness of menthol without all those fruit candy flavors, this is the flavor for you. Can also be mixed with other flavors for that extra pop of menthol delight.


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Frozen Smash Berry

Juul + Blankzの組み合わせでは味が出ないので不味いです